What constitutes a rental period?

Minimum – the minimum rental period is one half day.
Eight hours on metered equipment used in a 24-hour period constitutes one day.

Half Day – a four-hour period.

Day – any 24-hour period. Tools rented Saturday must be returned by 2pm Saturday or be charged the weekend rate.

Week – Five consecutive days

Month – Any 24 consecutive days


  • Pick up equipment after 3pm on Friday and return by 9am Monday
  • Charge will be only two days Pick up equipment between 8 am and 12 pm on Saturday and return by 9 am Monday
  • Charge will be for only 1½ days. Does not apply if store is closed on Saturday
  • No pickup on Sunday. Equipment must be returned on Saturday or will be charged for Sunday if the equipment is returned on Monday.


  • Any equipment rented after 3 pm on week days
  • and returned by 9 am the following day will be considered a the half day rate